Shared Kitchen

Looking for a commercial kitchen to produce for your food business or your next catering event?

Look no further.  We offer a world-class commissary with a majority of basic smallwares provided i.e., sheet trays, cutting board, bowls, etc. at an affordable rate. 

The production area is roughly 1800 sq ft with all the equipment on wheels for customization and configurations to meet your teams flow.

We are certified by:

  •  the ODA Food Safety  (Ohio Department of Agriculture) 
  • Licensed to produce Acidified & Low Acid Food Canning   
  • ODA-Meat Inspection
  • FDA
  • Class 4 commissary through the Cuyahoga Board of Health. 


We offer affordable rates to help you grow.

Are you flying solo and don't have a team yet?

Our team is available to help.  We are made up of highly qualified and experienced chefs with over 30 years of combined experience.